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Gum Disease  

Why Worry about Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease?
The toxins released by the plaque and tartar build-up are what cause gingivitis (swollen gingiva) the mildest form of Periodontal Disease. The gingiva, better known as the gums, can be irritated to the point that they are swollen, and red, inflamed and slightly infected. Bleeding present during brushing and flossing indicates disease. When plaque is not removed from the gumline. The irritated, swollen gum tissues pull away from the tooth creating an enlarged space for even more plaque to accumulate. The irritation and as a result, the disease, can become chronic health problems unless this space, a periodontal pocket, is cleaned and eliminated. Plaque should be removed by thorough brushing and flossing in order to keep the teeth and gums in tiptop shape.

Early stages of this disease are easily corrected, and generally recurrences are preventable. However, if gingivitis is neglected and ignored, a much more serious condition called periodontitis, can develop. Usually, most cases of this more advanced stage are seen in adults. In cases where there is advanced periodontitis, the patient experiences irreversible changes to the gum tissues which then lead to the destruction of the supportive bone which holds the teeth in place.

When parents help children in brushing and flossing, make sure that the kids visit the dentist on a regular basis, and limit sugary foods and snacks, they can ensure that their children have the best chance possible to avoid all stages of periodontal disease in their childhood and adulthood. Parents and adults need to do the same. They need to be diligent in their oral care, watch and reduce the consumption of sugary foods, and visit their dentist at least every 6 months…more frequently, if they have active periodontal disease.

What Do You Know About Calculus or Tartar?
Your saliva reacts with the accumulated soft, sticky plaque to create hard, rough substance called calculus or tartar. Because of its rough surface, calculus traps even more bacterial plaque which, in turn continues to irritate the gum tissues. Calculus is not as easy to remove as plaque and must be removed professionally by your dentist or dental hygienist. If the calculus is not removed, it will irritate the gums enough to create a chronic infection below the gum line resulting in periodontal disease.


Gum Disease
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